Thursday, July 17, 2008

TREND ALERT: The infamous T

There's nothing like a comfy t-shirt that you can throw on with anything. It's openness and flow allows you to move around like you got nothing on! Dresses are making a comeback this summer disguise with a T-shirt silhouette.

To create you own "T" masterpiece buy a shirt a couple of sizes bigger than you. Options: Stretch the collar or cut it off, add safety pins in the sleeves to gather at the shoulder, throw on a cute belt, grab a needle and thread to taper the sides down to make it more fitted around your thighs.

If you are not handy with the scissors or a needle, grab a cute T-shirt dress from your local retail store. Give Old navy a try!

Here are three of my fav T-shirt inspired dresses from
Stella McCartney Resort 2009 collection.


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