Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lady of Mayhem?

"Lady of Mayhem VI:XI is not just a brand but a movement. It's a state of mind.It is the mindset of a woman who is bold and confident. She's a heroine in her own right. She's equipped to accomplish anything that life throws at her. She has the stance of a knight, a heart of a lion and the wisdom of a Queen. She knows herself. She's aware of her weaknesses but, instead of it limiting her, it makes her stronger. "

What is Lady of Mayhem VI:XI? It's my clothing line that I am bringing out under the company School of Mayhem Entertainment Inc. My team consist of me and two other fabulous ladies which you will meeting along the way. We plan on debuting the line this Fall for Spring/Summer 2009.

OUR MISSIONS: To Create "The Mayhem" in every area of our life!

I am writing this Blog so, everyone can be apart of the journey that Lady of Mayhem VI:XI will be embarking on this year and to allow you to get inside my fashion brain!

Stay Tuned!