Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mayhem Photography Shoot

On this bright and sunny day, I spent my time in a forest styling a photo shoot. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing and I ended up using an outfit I designed a couple of years ago. We were going for a high fashion look. The outfit I designed was inspired by a Geisha. I basically took the idea of a traditional kimono robe and exaggerated it. The sun was HOT! I felt sorry for Shannon who had to wear that big kimono jacket but, she still WORKED IT! The shoot turned out pretty good. I had fun!! IT WAS MAYHEM!!
Mr Mayhem, himself-Mayhem Photography and model, Shannon ................Yours truly and model, Shannon

I will be posting the final shots very shortly.

What tries to limit me, only makes me Stronger!


Mercy said...

I like this blog. It's cool that you have a blog to go with the "Read my blog" tees. And I really like your pictures with the t-shirt - who did the makeup?
All so beautiful!
I'll keep checking in on your blog, thanks for letting me know about it. peace out