Tuesday, April 29, 2008


One of the must-have items for Spring is a leather jacket. The amazing thing about leather jackets is you can easily dress it up or down. When you have a night on the town with the ladies throw on a leather jacket and it will illuminate your outfit. Also, leather comes in so many colours and styles....the choices are unlimited!

Where to get a great jacket? Check out your retail store, like Danier Leather or a vintage, second-hand store downtown like Black Market!

Here are some celebs who are "FEELING" their leather too!





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Here are some of the pics from the photoshoot that I did a couple a weeks ago. Again, it was a Geisha theme outfit that I designed a couple of years ago. So, I was pleased to finally give my outft some lime light. Shannon did a great job portraying a Japanese princess/warrior! And Mayhem photography did his thing as usual!!

Tell me what you think?

Model: Shannon
Photographer: Mayhem Photography

Stylist/Designer: Lady of Mayhem


What tries to limit me, only makes me Stronger!
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Friday, April 25, 2008


For spring, add some sunshine to your wardrobe. Touches of yellow can really make an outfit stand out. Try yellow on your nails with some clear sparkle polish on top. Get a pair of yellow earring or a funky graphic tee. Interpret yellow in your way!!

Here are some of my fav designers interpreting yellow how they do best,

"What tries to limit me, only makes me Stronger"
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What's going on with Lady of Mayhem?

I have started making patterns for my designs.

The tools that I usually use are various rulers, a lead pencil, tracing paper to trace over the pattern and marking paper to draft my pattern on. Also, a tracing wheel and paper scissor, cause you never use fabric scissor on paper, the sketch of what I will be drafting.........and so on...

Then I will be cutting them out in a fabric called muslin, which you use as a rough copy. From there my team and I will go over the designs and make corrections. And than I am back to doing....PATTERNS, PATTERNS AND MORE PATTERNS...

As much as I complain, I love it!!!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's my b-day....Happy 26 to me!!

It's been a long year. I have been blessed with friends, family and my lil'girl.

To celebrate my birthday and to represent my current mood, here's the new video by Nelly feat. Fergie--PARTY PEOPLE

P.S. Love Fergie outfit changes

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!!!

I know I am posting this late but, in honour of Earth Day, I wanted to showcase to you a designer who is leading the way in Eco-friendly fashion----EVAN BIDDELL. Yes, our very own Project Runway Canada Winner!

(Images courtesy of L'oreal Fashion Week)

If you are a designer and interested in using organic/Eco-friendly fabrics contact Syka, http://www.syka.ca/!!


"What tries to limit me, only makes me Stronger!"

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I <3 Heatherette.....again

How can I mention Heatherette without showing you their collection for Spring/Summer 2008. Here are a few of my fav looks:

Picture 1) Love the GOLD and FUR TRIM...very sexy tunic dress!

Picture 2) This a great men's wear look. Don't you love the pants? Got to love metallics!

Picture 3) It's "IT" model Chanel Iman sporting a Tutu silhouette dress. I love a chinched waist and attention to the hips....sexy!!

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I <3 heatherette!!

The infamous club kids, Richie Rich and Traver Rains for Heatherette, are blowing up the brushes with not only with their collection for Spring/Summer 2008 but, with their make-up line for M.A.C. Their line has been out for the past month causing a buzz in every make-up-nista's life. The theme appears to be GLITTERY AND GIRLY. The lipsticks are named Hollywood Nights and Lollipop Loving and lashes are called SHE BAD....enough said! Now you know, that every fashion savvy-nista's will be sporting this FAB line.

So let me know, are you a fashionista that plans on getting this look? Well, if you don't have it already!!
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mayhem Photography Shoot

On this bright and sunny day, I spent my time in a forest styling a photo shoot. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing and I ended up using an outfit I designed a couple of years ago. We were going for a high fashion look. The outfit I designed was inspired by a Geisha. I basically took the idea of a traditional kimono robe and exaggerated it. The sun was HOT! I felt sorry for Shannon who had to wear that big kimono jacket but, she still WORKED IT! The shoot turned out pretty good. I had fun!! IT WAS MAYHEM!!
Mr Mayhem, himself-Mayhem Photography and model, Shannon ................Yours truly and model, Shannon

I will be posting the final shots very shortly.

What tries to limit me, only makes me Stronger!

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Friday, April 18, 2008


So, are you or do you know someone who's a Lady of Mayhem in her own right? Drop me a note at theladyofmayhem@gmail.com to have this person featured as my Lady of Mayhem of the Month.
Also, are you creating complete "Mayhem" in every area of your life? Well, represent the mayhem movement get a "Lady of Mayhem" Tee. And for you bloggers out there, how can you go another day without a "Read My Blog" T-shirt.

For inquiry on T-shirts contact me at theladyofmayhem@gmail.com with subject heading "Shirts".


"What tries to limit me, only makes me Stronger"

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lady of Mayhem feature......Chloe Sevigny

Known for her devotion to independent films and her savvy fashion sense, Chloe is a definite Lady of Mayhem. She started her love affair when she got hired to intern on Sassy Magazine. The editor hired her for her striking sense of style. She's recently became fashion advisor for British Elle Magazine. I will be looking forward to her contributions to the mag. Chloe has a very eclectic look. Her strong European features and her C'est la vie persona and charm has made her a fashion icon to keep a look out for in the future.
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Lady of Mayhem?

"Lady of Mayhem VI:XI is not just a brand but a movement. It's a state of mind.It is the mindset of a woman who is bold and confident. She's a heroine in her own right. She's equipped to accomplish anything that life throws at her. She has the stance of a knight, a heart of a lion and the wisdom of a Queen. She knows herself. She's aware of her weaknesses but, instead of it limiting her, it makes her stronger. "

What is Lady of Mayhem VI:XI? It's my clothing line that I am bringing out under the company School of Mayhem Entertainment Inc. My team consist of me and two other fabulous ladies which you will meeting along the way. We plan on debuting the line this Fall for Spring/Summer 2009.

OUR MISSIONS: To Create "The Mayhem" in every area of our life!

I am writing this Blog so, everyone can be apart of the journey that Lady of Mayhem VI:XI will be embarking on this year and to allow you to get inside my fashion brain!

Stay Tuned!


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