Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lady of Mayhem of the Month: Mariel Haenn

Who is Mariel Haenn?

No other than Rihanna's stylist who made Rihanna into a fashion forward fashionista. Mariel has taken Rihanna's past bohemian/Bahamas look and brought her into the future with an edgy hair style, killer shoes and a "FIERCE" wardrobe. And she does it all on a budget!! She has mentioned that the Label that Rihanna works for gives her a tight wardrobe budget. So, to help out the situation she buys her accessories and some shoes at smaller price point stores like Forever 21 and H&M.
She quotes in a interview with VH1, "There is definitely always a budget, and it's not always what we would like it to be, but that's the challenge of my job," Haenn said . She has also said, "I care a lot, I put everything into it. I know there are not a lot of other stylists that care as much as me, but it's me and my name on it".

What an inspiration! Her popularity has grown based on not who she knows but, by the quality of her work. Now, when you see rihanna on TV, the Internet or in magazine looking FLY, you know that Mariel Haenn is the woman who had something to do with it.




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