Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hey, guys...sorry I haven't been posting as often as usual but, I've been busy preparing for STOMP 2008. It is a annual dance competition and of course SCHOOL OF MAYHEM ENTERTAINMENT is going be there!! We have three teams ready to bring the mayhem!!

First is our MAYHEM KIDZ, will be featured in the beginners category...

Next, is our SCHOOL OF MAYHEM dance company, featured in the Advanced category...


As well, is our new addition to the family Phantom, who are also featured in the Advanced category....

The show is this Saturday at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, at Exhibition Place. It starts at 1pm.

By the way, I did the costumes for Mayhem Kidz and helped with the costume concepts for School of Mayhem Dance Company!

Wish us luck...even though we don't need


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